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                  The More You Know

We tend to think we know enough to get us by and manage our student loans and repayment. The truth of the matter is we don’t know enough, with all these laws and bills and so much reconstruction is going on about student loans and the government, it’s really all to much to try and figure out yourself. It’s no wonder that 43 million Americans who carry $1.3 trillion in student debt just want to just cross that bridge when they get to it, or just continue to carry that debt. That’s a pretty high number…..and not to mention how these numbers reflect the age groups of this debt and setting up teenagers to get ready to be swallowed up in debt…….even so the Education Secretary John B. King Jr said himself  “We know costs are rising too fast and too many Americans are struggling to pay back their loans” end quote… I hear about a thing where they are expanding income-driven plans that require little to no money from people in dire straights. But let’s face it the statistics even state that seventy percent (70%)of the people in that program go into default as well. Again there are so many different things that the government have in play for us to pay back the loans, that the confusion of the different programs could be the main problem why so may college grads are not doing the right thing. Does the blame stop there? no it doesn’t let’s look at the middle man, the minions who are responsible for making sure your student loan payments are applied. If applied to  your account on time that late payment fee accumulates. So before you go thinking that your doing something wrong……the minions are not always right on time with applying those payments. Even with the promises of making sure that those who do that will be held accountable may sound good… may never happen the correct way. Now we also have to look at the economy…..with how things are going today, even if you did get your bachelors, masters you may not find a job in your major, that will pay you enough to allow you to repay your loans. That will also put you in default. There is good news though, you can improve your chances on being successful to repayments & proper management of your student loans. There are some really good companies that can help you, yet there is another company Degrees Of Success that can help you & be successful with your student loan management, repayments and other options available, that you just may not have known about. Degrees of Success, you can get the right information to live by. To get more info about Degrees Of Success you can follow them on Facebook at Degrees of Success and on Twitter @DegreesofSuccess because “The More You Know” the better off you are.Daisy Lane
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