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“I am not a rocket scientist or a professor of any kind,  and I will be the first to admit when I don’t understand something. So when it comes to student loans, the subject is way out my league. When I enrolled into college, I was excited, I was ready to get the paperwork going and start my classes. There were these people who were doing all my financial aid documents and getting me set up with my books, and my other materials that I needed to continue my studies there. I remember them saying what’s left over I get a check for and I also was told something about having to pay back the money for school after I graduated but that I did not have to worry about it right now. I was just excited to be enrolled so I guess I never really thought to ask any questions about repayment. So like some new college students, I just figured I would cross that bridge when I got to it.

The one most important thing I was forgetting was to talk to a student loan expert because no one told me about my repayment options. Continuing on with my schooling I received a couple of checks which I was told they were the balance of my financial aid due to me. Not questioning a check from the school, I took it. Like most college students….I had to live, so I took the checks and used them. The one thing I should have done was get that student loan expert to help me use the money wisely, but I continued on again……with my own plan. An accident happened and I lost the ability to write with my right hand and me not being ambidextrous I had to learn to use my left hand, which was like a kid trying to write for the first time……chicken scratch.  No one could read my homework, my notes, nothing. Needless to say I had to withdrawal. Six (6) month later I started getting letters in the mail from the Student Loan company….wanting (at the time) a substantial amount of money to pay back the loans for a school I never got to finish. That didn’t matter, at least as I was told, so I kept ignoring those letters, never being able to get a job in the major I studied and not making any money. I was twenty-five when I started school, and twelve years later I get the guts to pay off my loans. I am sharing my story hoping you’ll understand the real common mistakes made by freshmen students and even graduates.

If I had taken the time to talk with a student loan manager, I would have understood my options and would not have had to go through so much stress. Read all your paperwork, THEY ARE CONTRACTS and contracts are legally binding when signed. When my injury happened no one told me about injury claims on my student loans, even after I paid them. I could have got those student loans erased just because I became disabled during my schooling ( at the time). Today there are so many new things that assist with repayment of your student loans and more people are here to help with management of those loans than ever before.

There are books out to there as well to help you understand a little more what it is you need to know about repaying your student loans and your options on repayment. Let’s face it, you have to pay back your loans, but do you have to be haunted by them?…… NO, you don’t.

I saw this awesome book from author & student loan expert Genevieve Dobson called ‘Failing Successfully: Life after Debt’……this was a good read and I suggest it to all those looking for help on managing loans. I hope that  understand the I am able to help people understand the importance of knowing about their options & who to trust to provide the most help. Don’t keep living in a state of confusion or stress over loans…….get the help you need!!”

By Daisy Lane

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