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Just last month, Houston resident, Paul Aker was arrested at his home by seven armed U.S. Marshals for not paying back a $1,500 student loan from 1987. After spending an hour in jail, Aker was swiftly taken to appear before a judge to set-up a payment arrangement.

Needless to say, his arrest shocked the public and gained a lot of media attention. The arrest even left many borrowers fearful of the consequences of not paying back their student loans. Likewise, Aker was equally surprised at his arrest, especially since he claims that he never received any prior notice about the loan.

What happened to Paul has many borrowers asking: Could the same happen to me? Could I be arrested for unpaid student loans? Even for a loan as little as $1,500 and nearly three decades old?

Although it’s not certain whether this will be fate of every delinquent borrower, it’s been reported that Houston U.S. Marshals will be making 1,200-1,500 more arrests.

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