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You are not your debt!
By Genevieve Dobson

As the founder of a student loan debt management company I decided it was important I write a book so my clients, my friends and all those interested in really understanding student loan debt could get to know me and how student loan debt really works.

In this book I discuss fear, mistakes and failing and how none of those things should be allowed to stop us from being successful.  This is also true when dealing with debt.  We are not our debt and there are ways to overcome debt.  It should not break us but rather we need to learn tools that allow us to understand and ultimately handle our debt.

As we go through life we experience many ups and downs. Some things bring us great joy while other things bring us heartache and pain.  In this book I discuss my journey through life and the many mistakes I made and tell how those mistakes made me who I am. Sometimes what we see as failure isn’t really failure at all.  Sometimes we just have to change our view in order to change our lives.

This is also the case for the millions of graduates who have student loan debt and continue to struggle. Through my many years of experience I have learned that there is Life after Debt and we can learn good habits with help.

I provide tools on how to successfully manage debt and finally have the ability to live again proud of accomplishing the great task of graduating college rather than being ashamed by the burden of debt that has been accumulated.  There are debt options available and in this book I provide the guide to the many answers that borrowers seek.

My struggles and persistence have allowed me to open a debt management company that helps those who never knew there were other options.  I firmly believe success comes to those who are willing to fail and instead of giving up they push harder to succeed.

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there as long as you are walking in the right direction.  Sometimes fear will slow us down but we can’t let it stop us.”