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Believe it or not there is no magic trick that will make your student loans disappear.
By: Genevieve Dobson

If your still collecting your student loan bills in a pile and waiting for them to disappear you may just be waiting for quite a long time.  However, you are not alone in this thought process.  No one really wants to leave the comfort of their college or university and delve into making student loan payments but whether you wait for them to disappear or not trust me they are still going to be there.

The first mistake most borrowers make when it comes time to pay their student loans is ignoring the debt; burying their head in the sand and thinking the debt will go away.  This is a no no when it comes to handling any debt in our lives.  Unfortunately as much as we may want something to go away it usually doesn’t just disappear.  There are no magic tricks for student loan debt.  But there are powerful solutions that can be utilized to reduce the monthly payments, get out of default and potentially achieve overall forgiveness on the loans.I have put together a short video that also talks about Mistake #1 in thinking you can avoid student loan debt; assuming it will just go away.  Make sure you check it out here:

This is just the first mistake of 5 main mistakes that is prevalent when it comes to handling student loan debt.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the next blog and video on mistakes you should avoid when you handle your student loans and don’t forget that if you are reading this and know you too have been waiting for your student loan debt to go away and are pissed that it still hasn’t its time that you call Degrees of Success to get your free assessment on how to best handle your debt.

No one has to do it alone.  There is no need to bury your head in the sand.  We are here to help you manage your debt even after you realize your debt won’t disappear.